Cool designer alert- Leanne Ford! #leannefordinteriors
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Cool designer alert- Leanne Ford! #leannefordinteriors

Mix and Chic: Cool designer alert- Leanne Ford!

Introducing talented interior designer, Leanne Ford. With a flair for creating insanely cool, texture-rich white interiors, her work is always gorgeous and unforgettable. Without further ado, let's check out her fabulous portfolio, shall we? The designer: Leanne Ford via Isn't her work absolutely gorgeous? Her designs look effortlessly stylish yet approachable and exudes a modern yet lived-in aesthetic which I love! Although her rooms are generally neutral, they are far from dull thanks to her flair for layering different textures and materials in a visually interesting way. I am a fan of her wildly chic style, what about you? Any thoughts? For more information about the designer or her work, please visit:


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